What We Offer


As BC’s biggest Independent Business Brokerage we pride ourselves on top-earning talent!  Business Finders is a fully-integrated Commercial Real Estate firm. We know from experience that having three distinct, but integrated divisions, can help you create additional revenue streams for your business.

Three Specialty Divisions; Business Brokering, Commercial Real Estate, and Leasing Services to meet all your client needs.

A Committed Support Team that includes Marketing, CRM Lead Support, reception services, conveyancing, and an experienced senior management leadership team mentor program.  

Marketing includes our in-house creative team, commercial marketing assets program, and dedicated team for brochures and social media.

A Dedicated CRM Team for email database, CRM tools, as well as an exclusive agent resource website.

Access to all our privately-operated offices across British Columbia.


By putting the team’s Culture before profits and focusing on growth in our members' professional and personal lives, Business Finders Canada has seen unprecedented growth over the last decade. The Brokerage's proprietary system gives each client a 5-star experience like no other and it creates Commercial Real Estate Agents very quickly, thanks to world-class systems and sales training.


Competitive Advantage


Our competitive advantage through Brokerage-generated leads and our in-house marketing team will help you double your productivity and gain more experience in the industry. This will accelerate the growth rate of your business and database to give you years of experience in a matter of months.

By being able to serve both Business Sellers and Business Buyers, as well as Commercial Real Estate. Our Brokerage will provide you with a consistent stream of new opportunities.  Business Finders offers the training and systems to convert these opportunities into revenue for your Career!

Mentoring Program Overview

The purpose of the BFC Mentoring Program is to provide new agents with a learning platform where you will gain the fundamental knowledge required to start and build a successful real estate career. BFC mentors shall provide guidance in a practical,  hands-on manner to lead the mentee in the early stages of their career. The mentor shall lead the mentee through the education coursework (BFC curriculum) and requirements in preparation for graduation from the BFC Mentoring Program.

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