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Where We Are Located?

Kelowna BC

We are east of the Greater Vancouver Region less than 1 hour by plane or a four hour drive. Kelowna is a quick 60 minute flight from Calgary, Edmonton and Seattle. Located in south central British Columbia, the Thomson Okanagan is one of the world's most beautiful and pristine places. We are the perfect 4 seasons playground famous for our championship golf courses, orchards, ski resorts and vineyards as well as the wildly varied landscape. The highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies is here, as is a waterfall twice the height of Niagara Falls and Canada's only true desert environment.

Each year, outdoor enthusiasts flock to the Thompson Okanagan to houseboat, water-ski, hike, snowshoe, fish, kayak, canoe, camp and view wildlife. The Thompson Okanagan region boasts more sunshine per year than any other region in Canada. Along with hundreds of lakes combined with one of the finest weather in BC makes the Okanagan Valley an excellent place to own a business, whether going house boating on the Shuswap, river-rafting on the Thompson or taking a winery tour in the Okanagan. Come visit us, there's something special for everyone!

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Kelowna, BC

Kelowna BC

Kelowna, British Columbia, it's a place where, regardless of season, world-class amenities are always available to enjoy. It's a place where the climate is mild and sunshine is something to be expected. It's a spot blessed with spectacular mountain scenery, where nature cradles pristine lakes and trims them with warm, sandy beaches and blossom dusted hillsides.

It's a haven for recreation all year - round - enjoy golfing, boating, wind surfing, swimming, fishing, hiking, camping, snow skiing or anything in between... It's Kelowna!

Kelowna, lies in the heart of the Central Okanagan, situated along the shores of 82-mile long Okanagan Lake in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada. Kelowna is the major city in the Central Okanagan. By highway, the city is 471 km east of Vancouver, 78 km, north of Penticton, and 606 km west of Calgary, Alberta.

Kelowna BC

As you approach Kelowna, from the south, over the Lake Okanagan Floating Bridge, to your left are public beaches & the City Park, the luxurious Hotel Grand Okanagan on the beach a few blocks away, & many downtown Kelowna accommodations, services & attractions. To your right are more warm sandy public beaches, flanked by pleasant residential neighbourhoods: further along this way are many delightful beachside resorts & motels. Ahead of you is the new & rapidly expanding new business district: a thriving & growing collection of malls, shops, attractions, playland parks, views of luxury suburbs climbing up the desert hills between vineyards, hotels, resorts and motels.

If you live in British Columbia, you know about the very special lifestyle available to those who live in Kelowna and the central Okanagan region. There are wonderful wineries and golf courses to be explored, brilliant sunshine and clear lake waters to be enjoyed, a fabulous array of art and musical events and venues and, in winter, the joy of superb skiing and snowboarding opportunities.

Kelowna BC

If you're an international visitor, you might also be interested in the many luxurious homes offered in this very special region. From outstanding views and vistas to idyllic locations, Kelowna offers the perfect location for a second home.

The area experiences a breathtaking change of seasons with each offering its own special characteristics and appeal. While you may find local residents who prefer one season to another, most believe all four combine to create the unique charm of this area.

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The Okanagan

The Okanagan Valley is almost 250 kilometers in length and encompasses some of the most beautiful areas of British Columbia. Approximately a four hour drive from Vancouver, this area is easily accessible from the British Columbia lower mainland or from the Washington State area. With extensive summer activities that include golfing, camping, fishing, boating, swimming, sailing, windsurfing and endless others, you might think this is the best season in the Valley... but then there are those three superb ski resorts - Silver Star Mountain, Big White Ski Resort and Apex Mountain Resort to keep you busy all winter.